Thursday, January 19, 2012

Looking for nutritional information?

     Have you ever wondered why you need to eat fruits? Or why too many carbs are bad for you? Are you trying to lose weight? Gain weight? Avoid gluten? Find new ways to incorporate veggies? Do you want to learn how to make sure your children get all of the food they need, and not as much of the food they don’t need?

Brandy Baxter, RD, LDN

     It’s hard to know where to turn. It seems like each week, there’s a new diet, or new guidelines, and not every diet out there is based on solid scientific research. Wouldn’t you feel better trusting your nutritional questions to an expert?

     Well, Meritus Health now offers nutrition counseling services! We are really excited to be able to offer our community private, individualized nutritional counseling. Brandy Baxter, registered dietician and licensed dietitian nutritionist, will be available starting on January 24, 2012, to answer your dietary questions. Brandy has experience in a variety of settings ranging from clinical inpatient nutrition to outpatient weight management and healthy eating education.

     An initial consultation will include a diet history review and personalized meal planning and/or education. Half-hour follow-ups are available for those who would like additional support or education.

     Remember, these services are offered to meet the patient’s individual nutrition interests and/or needs. This isn’t a pre-packaged program. Topics include general healthy eating, weight management, sports nutrition, heart healthy diets, and various gastrointestinal disorders that may require special diets. Come learn not only what to eat, but why it is important to make healthier food choices. This in-depth education will provide tools to kick start a healthier lifestyle and improve daily living with better nutrition.

    To schedule an appointment or for further information, please contact Brandy Baxter at 301.790.8522 or e-mail at

By Kayla Murphy

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