Monday, June 4, 2012

Delicious Summer Dessert: Wild Berry Parfait

This summer, try making this fresh and healthy dessert for your next get-together! 

Wild Berry Parfait
Serves 4

2 cups strawberries
2 cups blueberries
4 oz. chocolate syrup
8 oz. fat-free vanilla yogurt
4 Tbsp fresh granola
8 tsp peanuts
8 Tbsp fat-free whipped topping
8 oz. angel food cake, cubed

Add 1 oz. of chocolate syrup to the bottom of each parfait glass. Layer 4 to 6 small cubes of angel food cake.

Spoon about 1 oz. of vanilla yogurt on top of the angel food cake; layer about ½ tbsp of granola, then a layer of strawberries, and sprinkle peanuts on top. Cover with 2 oz of fat free whipped topping.

On top of the whipped topping, arrange a layer of blueberries; add just enough yogurt to cover the blueberries, then top with strawberries. Garnish with granola, a sprinkle of peanuts, and finish with a dollop of whipped topping.

Keep in mind that you can experiment--if you don’t like blueberries, try raspberries or blackberries. Not a berry person? Try using mandarin oranges or apple. You can substitute in the fruits, nuts, and yogurt to make this your ultimate parfait.

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